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Juan Manuel
notes in search of third straight win of UD (Photo: Mykel)
The last time the yellow was able to bind three wins after the final dismissal of Juan Manuel, in the 2008-09 campaign. In II B, with Paco Castilian, had eight consecutive victories in 1994-95

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The calendar and its vicissitudes of competition gives UD Las Palmas a splendid opportunity to string three potential wins (or more) for the first time so far this season. After passing to Valladolid 2-0, after 105 long days withdrawal, the yellow ratified the recovery in the Albacete 0-1 in the Carlos Belmonte. The trilogy of wins could be completed next Saturday against bottom club Ponferradina in the Estadio de Gran Canaria.
Las Palmas fails three consecutive victories since the 2008-09 season, between days 15 through 17 inclusive. Fate has willed that this series of wins (2-0 at Celta, 1-2 and 3-0 in Alicante to Albacete) were produced just after being relieved Juan Manuel Rodriguez as coach of the yellow to leave the job in hand Javier Vidales. Last season, both Kresic as Jemez, equipment chain failed three victories while in the current championship, even with Jemez, enjoyed two consecutive victories also imposed on Alcorcón (4-1) and Villarreal B (0-3) in the first round.
Juan Manuel Rodriguez and spent two spells of three wins after supplying Juanito Rodriguez in 2007-08: Between the dates 19 to 21 beat Elche (1-0), Xerez (0-3) and Albacete (2-1) and then in the second round, between 38 to 40 days did so with the Ejido (2-1), Hercules (1-2) and again Elche (1-4).
That goal nine points from three claws (or more) would be a very significant boost to the residence as well as now Ponferradina Mancha are rivals in the fight for the base zone.

Vidales, in shock after winning one of their matches
with UD Las Palmas in 2008-09
should go back to the 04/05 season, but in the second division B, to find Runs really striking concerning . Then, from Week 15 to 20, the yellow led by Carlos Sanchez Aguiar chained six consecutive wins:
Alcorcón 3-0 at
0-1 at Navan
2-0 at San Sebastian de los Reyes
Leganés 0-3 to
3-0 at Castle
and 2-1 to the University
is not the best recent historical record. The record of victories also came in the category of bronze and Castilian Paco's hand, who in the year 1994-95 was relieved after Marco Boronat. Between days 14 to 22 chained eight wins UD:
3-1 at Langreo
0-2 to San Sebastian de los Reyes
2-0, Corralejo
0-5 at Aranjuez
0-2 at Valladolid B
2-0 at Atletico Madrid B
3-0 at Móstoles
and 0-2 to Realejos.
With Pacuco Rosales, in the eventful 1995-96 season promotion to the second A, we review seven straight wins. Of them occurred at the end of the regular regular:
2-0 at As Pontes Endesa
and 0-4 at Tenerife B
And five memorable victories in the league at:
Nastic (0-2 and 2-0)
the Cultural Leonesa (0 -3 and 3-0)
and Elche (0-4).
Previously, the team also had six wins bound in regular competition:
1-0 at Ferrol
0-1 to Endesa
5-1 at Tenerife B
1-0 at Gáldar
0-4 at Móstoles
and 7-1 at Santa Ana, this club which was founded in Madrid in the colors of the UD Las Palmas inspired by the blockbuster canaries in the seventies.

in seconds, still recall the six wins Roque Olsen era in the 1991-92 season, when relieved Brindisi:
3-1 to Barcelona B
1-2 at Palamos
1-0 at Sabadell
2-5 at Athletic Bilbao
1 - Betis 0
and 1-2 to Avilés
Iñaki Sáez, in the year 1993-94 at Second B, signed his own sextet glory days:
0-1 at Recreativo
2-1 at Messenger
4-2 to Cacerreño
0-2 in Los Realejos
2-0 at Almeria
and 2-1 to Jaén.
was an exercise which also produced five consecutive wins:
B 2-0 at Atletico
0-3 at San Roque de Lepe
1-0 at Sevilla B
1-2 at Maspalomas
and 3-0 at Melilla.
With Alvaro Perez on the bench for the 92/93 financial year, also garnered six wins in a row:
0-3 to Estepona
Ejido 6-1 against
0-1 at Cordoba
Xerez 2-0,
0-2 to Racing Portuense
and 3-1 to Jaén. It happened that the RFEF eventually annulled the match with Portuense, being disqualified by default.

The last run of five victories in second is the work of Sergio Kresic and with it the UD Las Palmas stepped into the First Division in the campaign 1999-00. Occurred between days 34 to 38, with results
Lleida 1-0 at
0-2 at Salamanca
Albacete 2-1
0-2 at Badajoz
and 2-0 at Getafe.
The antecedent must be found in Mariano Garcia Remon, in the year 1997-98, with five wins:
2-0 at Orense
1-4 to Jaén
Xerez 2-0,
Elche 0-1 to
and 2-0 to Extremadura.

A curious fact, though logical, is that the UD Las Palmas has enjoyed few successes cycles in its 31 years of militancy in the First Division. The best came from the hand of Satur Grech, in the 1955-56 campaign when they twice won four straight victories. Firstly with a 2-0 at Valencia, Deportivo 1-2, 2-1, 6-1 to Celta Hercules and later 2-1 Alaves, 1-2 to Culture Leon, Valladolid 3-2 and 2-0 to Real Sociedad. All this in the first round of those tournaments.
The streak started now with Juan Manuel Rodriguez, after beating Valladolid and Albacete, has the peculiarity of being able to improve with two games on home soil in a row, before Ponferradina and Elche. Because no one wins when they sulking.


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